Jon Snow — Game of Thrones 4.07 “Mockingbird” [x]


Jon Snow — Game of Thrones 4.07 “Mockingbird” [x]


my wallet is empty just like my soul

Sophie Turner attends the Topshop Unique SS15 Front Row in London (09/14/14).


when you try your best but don’t succeed


I think i finally found out whats the main problem in me and my life
I’ll never get any success in anything if i wont change
Yeah….how many times i should failed to realize those things.
Sadness, disappointment and the feeling of being so exhausted. Only those feels. Covered with a mask of careless and funny attitude. Im living in imaginary world. I should accept the reality. Nothing is pink and shining. I dont want accept that thats my problem. I should just accept the reality and grow the fuck up and fucking destroy that imaginary world around me. Time to fucking live. I havent sleep whole month. My brains cant stop working. They dont let me sleep. And every day im feeling worse and worse. Everything is so tiring. Im so tired. So tired. I wanna stop acting badass and strong for one day just one day being weak being frigle. But i wont do that. I hate people feeling sorry and pity for me. I hate that. Im the one who cheers,who gives…im a mess and this post is a mess and a huge bullshit a babbling of tired person
Im gonnna regret for writing this i know but i had to. This blog is my small place where i hide and where i can vent about any shit and feel good
I decided for myself what i want and who i want to be
Im gonna work on that
Yeah i will feel good soon very soon. I can sleep finally


it’s a perfect day to not give a fuck


when all you want is for your favorite character to be happy but all they get to be is dead



garlic bread is fucking gross

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is it just me or once you start watching a new serie all the gifsets of it are suddenly on your dash